Way back in the day (well, 2004 actually), when I became self-employed, I had to think of a name for my company … obviously!

I went through lots of ideas, did the usual brainstorming, asking family and friends etc, but nothing sounded quite right.

Collumbell Communications was the most obvious – but I don’t do obvious – so that was scrapped.

Purple Communications was also on the list as purple is my favourite colour – but that didn’t sound inspiring or memorable enough to me.  I satisfied my purple fix by using the colour in my logo.

EJ Communications was a front runner as it incorporates my son’s initials – but that didn’t grab me (how could it then grab other’s attention?).  I wanted something intriguing and memorable. I knew I would be asked how I came up with the company name and to say: “I named the company after my son” sounded lame rather than endearing. So … another idea was scrapped!

At this point my brain was starting to ache so I did what I always do when I want to give my brain a rest … I put on some music to soothe away my thoughts and be refreshed.  Lo and behold, playing out of the speakers was my favourite song of all time and like the proverbial thunderbolt … the name popped into my head.  Bojangle Communications was born.

I was right, I do get asked – quite a lot actually – where the name for my company came from and I am very proud to say that it comes from one of the loveliest tunes I know … Mr Bojangles.  Some people have heard of it and some not. Whichever camp you fall into be my guest and listen to either or both of the videos below.  They are both markedly different interpretations – one classic and one modern – but it matters not as I love them both. They each create different feelings but the effect is always the same.  I hope you enjoy the song as much as I.

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