The changing nature of public relations

Feb 24, 2015 | CIPR, Public Relations

CIPR logoToday, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) published its State of the Profession 2015 survey, in which over 2,000 PR practitioners participated.  Some of the findings make sobering reading (a clear gap in gender pay, a lack of digital/social skills and low levels of diversity), but there are also elements to be positive about – I tend to be a glass-half-full kind of girl.

A clear trend of inter-departmental convergence was evident in the results, with a clear majority of PR professionals reporting that they are now working “more closely” with other departments in their organisation than compared to two years ago.  The CIPR says that: “From media relations to internal communications, each area of traditional public relations practice is also more likely to have converged, than to have not.”

I am heartened as this shift in practice brings new opportunities and moves PR away from being synonymous with media relations.  Woo hoo – at last! (I wrote a blog post about this misconception  a few weeks back – Public Relations vs Media Relations).

For now, I leave you with this thought: “Public relations is constantly evolving yet there is one constant at its core – PR is about reputation, and what an organisation says, does and what others says about it.  PR is the guardian angel of an organisation’s reputation so it is foolhardy for PR not to embrace the areas of an organisation which have an impact on reputation.”

Read my article on the survey results on the CIPR’s Influence.

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If you search Twitter for the #StateofPR hashtag you will find many views on the findings – they make interesting reading.

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