PR & Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Company: Positive Parents

Type: Parent coach

Service: PR and Marketing strategy and implementation

Brief: Position company owner, Sue Atkins, as an expert source of information and comment on parenting in the UK and overseas.

Activity: Sue Atkins had the ultimate goal of being on national TV so the goal was to position her as an expert parent coach.  Sue needed structure, coordination and processes to give her the best opportunities to get exposure for the content she had to convey.  Activity included the formulation and implementation of a public relations strategy, copywriting for her monthly e-newsletter, drafting and issuing monthly news releases and articles to position Sue as an expert across many areas of parenting, a virtual press office sourcing media interviews and fielding media requests, and the formulation and implementation of a social media strategy (specifically blogging and Twitter).

Award: I was awarded Best Freelance PR Practitioner by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations on the strength of this campaign

“Lindsey has such a lovely way with her and she makes you feel understood. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely experienced and she thinks out of the box with attention to detail. She is passionate about helping small businesses and goes the extra mile at a reasonable and affordable cost. I highly recommend her – give her a call and go from where you are now to where you would like to go!” Sue Atkins, Owner

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