Social Media Consultancy & Mentoring

Company: Southern Water

Type: Water and wastewater services for Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Brief: Advise the Communications Team on social media strategy and activity

Service: Social media training

Activity: This project was in two parts.  The first was to advise the Communications Team on the use of social media. Advice included discussing the different platforms on offer, how they could be used, and the type of content likely to generate results.

The second part was to advise the Director of Communications on the use of social media in advance of the team embarking on a social media push.  The training covered the platforms most suited to the company, recommendations for how they could generate results, campaign suggestions and step-by-step guidance to use the preferred platforms.

“I found Lindsey’s advice about social media very useful. She gives practical guidance, has a host of background sources, and ‘gets’ the distinction netween communicating with customers, journalists and stakeholders.” John Sage, Customer Communications Manager

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