Social Media Strategy, Delivery & Training

Company: Patrick Gardner Estate Agency

Type: Estate agency with four branches in Mole Valley, Surrey

Service: Social media strategy, training and implementation

Brief: advise on best use of social media to increase the number of vendors and purchasers

Activity: The company wanted to get ahead of its competitors by using social media, which was not widely adopted by estate agencies.  I was engaged for a six-month period to advise on how they should use social media, devise a strategy and oversee the implementation of the strategy.  This manifested in a campaign called ‘Live the Mole Valley Life’ to emphasise the lifestyle of living in Mole Valley.

To ensure all four offices were included in the social media activity, I appointed a member of staff in each location as Content Ambassador to gather information relevant to their location.  Each Content Ambassador was trained how to use the social media platforms and advised on the content that would be suitable.

Measurement tools were put in place and after six months of training and mentoring, the agency was confident to continue with implementing the strategy on its own.

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