Creation of CPD Programme for the Global Mobility Profession

Organisation: MyGMPD

Type: Professional development arm of Expat Academy

Service: Membership / Professional development consultancy

Brief: Recommend and advise on the creation of a CPD programme for the global mobility profession. Design and develop the online delivery platform.

Activity: Initial research into the CPD programmes for other professions, and their delivery, formed the programme format.  The type of content to be included was analysed and decided to be a blend of new content and activities provided by Expat Academy.  A points system was devised and decisions made about how members would be rewarded for their involvement and receive accrediation.  Elements were introduced which could be monetised. Once the programme was finalised, I designed and built the delivery platform on a WordPress site with built-in member-only areas making the content secure. A launch marketing strategy was devised.

Legacy: The original objective was to have 100 users by the end of Year 1.  This number was exceeded early on with Year 1 ending on 252 active users. Feedback from the global mobility community has been that the CPD programme is simple and straightforward and the online platform easy to use.

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