Marketing Communications for Expat Academy

Organisation: Expat Academy

Type: Membership organisation for Global Mobility professionals

Service: Marketing communications consultancy and delivery

Brief: Manage marketing communications activity (interim)

Activity: Each event had its own series of communication, and with upwards of 40 events held each year, recipients would receive multiple emails each week with events competing with each other for attention.  Communication was also in silos with stakeholder groups not informed of all that was being done across Expat Academy.  Streamlining communications and targeting messaging were a priority.

I shifted the focus from individual event communications to a regular drumbeat (fortnightly) highlighting a series of forthcoming events so stakeholders could see the breadth of opportunities and plan their diaries, rather than be told about each event in isolation.  This events communication was complemented with an email in the intervening weeks about the wider profession and what was happening with other stakeholder groups. This communication provided the platform to position Expat Academy in the industry and show them as more than a training event provider. Messaging for the events shifted to reflect the outcomes from attending, from the previous focus on the expertise of speakers / trainers.

Outcomes: The number of communications was reduced with the advantage of targeted and focused messaging for each stakeholder group. As a result, engagement rates increased by 66% on the previous period which translated into bookings being made sooner, thus reducing pressure on the sales team and giving them time to be more proactive.

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