Website Architecture, Consultancy & Copywriting

Company: Dreamgenius

Type: IT solutions for small businesses.

Service: Advice on website architecture plus copywriting of website content

Brief: Simplify the website to streamline the content and draft content to attract attention and keep visitors on the website.

Activity: Their website was crowded in terms of design and content due to a previous strategy of providing everything they could to attract attention – a more-is-best approach.  After an initial consultation I made recommendations on the site architecture by breaking down their services into constituent parts to make their offering clear and compelling.  I also wrote optimised copy for the key pages to demonstrate the style as a template for the remaining pages.

 “Running a business means taking it seriously and projecting the right image. Lindsey discusses ideas with you and those she advises are dismissed are always accompanied with sound reasoning. It’s patently obvious that there is a great deal of experience and knowledge behind this company, delivered in a friendly but frank way.”  Alan Rogers, Director

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