Awards Adviser for CIPR Excellence Awards

Organisation: Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)

Type: Professional body for PR professionals

Service: Awards adviser for the annual Excellence Awards

Brief: To assist with the judging process and facilitate the decision-making to determine category winners. Advice on the business award programme, e.g. categories, process and judging.

Activity: Attending each of the 150+ interviews each year and guiding the judges towards deciding the winners keeping front-of-mind that each category winner must reflect best practice in the industry. This level of involvement provides the CIPR with a unique insight which is fed back into the planning for the next years’ award programme. I retained this contract for 12 years, from 2006 to 2018, until the CIPR removed the element of interviews from the awards judging.

“Lindsey and I have worked together for years on the CIPR Excellence Awards and she is a professional and determined communicator. She is able to juggle many projects all at the same time, never forgets the small details and was a great facilitator for the Excellence Award judging. Lindsey provided an excellent level of professionalism throughout her work. She is unflappable and able to handle a range of personalities with integrity, diplomacy, and good humour. She has a keen mind and a friendly manner.” Gayle Brandon-Kirby, Head of Events, CIPR

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