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Jul 23, 2020 | Membership Organisations, Social Media

Knowing what content to post on your social media channels, and planning what to post, and when, is always better than winging it.

Whether you are about to embark on the social media journey for your membership organisation, or have been around the block a few times and are out of ideas, I have 50 suggestions of the types of content to engage your audiences.

First of all – and way before you get cracking creating this great content – I have five top tips of what to consider:

  1.  Be on the platforms your audiences are on, and don’t devote resources to where they are not.
  2.  Be genuine, honest and transparent
  3.  Show the human side of your organisation
  4.  You can be funny – it is very much allowed. A little bit of (well-placed) humour will not detract from your professionalism
  5.  Images Images Images – posts with still or video images have higher engagement rates than text alone

Here we go … (in no particular order):

  1.  A day in the life … of a member / corporate partner / staff member / volunteer
  2.  Profiles of a member / corporate partner / staff member / volunteer (a Q&A style)
  3.  Share news from members / partners
  4.  Share news on the industry / profession / sector you represent
  5.  Behind the scenes photos of events
  6.  Industry insight articles by staff members
  7.  Profiles of Board / Council members
  8.  News from your organisation
  9.  Milestones, e.g. highest number of new members in a day
  10.  Images / videos which represent your organisation’s purpose
  11.  Images / videos to demonstrate your organisation’s community
  12.  Historical facts, e.g. date formed, when you reached your first 50 members, your first partner
  13.  Links to key documents, e.g. your Charter, Articles of Association
  14.  Guest posts from members / partners / staff / volunteers
  15.  Images / videos of events
  16.  Images / videos of training events
  17.  Vox Pops of members / partners giving testimonials
  18.  Weekly / monthly round-up of industry / profession / sector news
  19.  Celebrate new Fellows / Member upgrades / Charterships granted
  20.  Support a cause relevant to your sector / industry / profession
  21.  Crowdsource ideas for events / training subjects
  22.  Have an opinion … comment on relevant issues
  23.  FAQs – post one at a time
  24.  What’s coming up, i.e. a look ahead
  25.  Humanise your organisation – show staff / members / volunteers as humans
  26.  Individual articles in your newsletter / magazine
  27.  Did you know …? Facts that are funny, quirky, serious
  28.  Challenges – ask your stakeholders to do something and post what they did
  29.  Share successes of members / partners / staff / volunteers
  30.  Images / Videos of people’s workspaces
  31.  #ViewFromMyDesk – images / videos of the views from the desks of members etc
  32.  Use polls to gauge views / opinions on topical subjects
  33.  Mythbusters – smash myths about your industry / profession / sector
  34.  Your blog posts
  35.  Announce each event / training course
  36.  Call for speakers for your events
  37.  Call for candidates for elections
  38.  Results of elections
  39.  “How to … ” posts
  40.  Giveaways
  41.  Partner with an associated organisation
  42.  Twitterchat with President / CEO
  43.  Social media takeover by member / partner / volunteer / staff
  44.  Advice for members
  45.  Respond / like / retweet posts made by members / partners / volunteers
  46.  Adopt relevant hashtags or create your own
  47.  Re-post / comment on posts made by key media titles
  48.  Thank volunteers for what they do (#VolunteersWeek is held annually around May-time)
  49.  Show support for national sports teams in major tournaments
  50.  Use GIFs to add humour

Warning: Not all these content suggestions will work on all social platforms, so pick and mix according to where your content will work best.

Champion Members  →  Promote Partners  →  Humanise Staff & Volunteers

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