How do you add or create member value?

Jun 22, 2016 | Membership marketing, Membership Organisations

One of the three cornerstones of membership marketing is RETENTION (to remind you, the other two are RECRUITMENT and RELATIONSHIPS) and how you add or create member value is an important factor in maintaining or increasing your retention rate.

There will be a proportion of members who will remain in membership and never engage – just paying their annual fee and using your post-nominals / promoting their association with you is enough for them. I argue that these members are on the decline in number and you need to step up how you demonstrate that you value their association.

This involves one of the other three cornerstones – RELATIONSHIPS. A member may not engage but you must never take them for granted. It may be just a little thing that you do … but little things mean a lot, as the song says.

I noticed a tweet yesterday and it struck me because of its simplicity. The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) sent a certificate to a member to celebrate/commemorate 30 years of membership. A grand gesture was not necessary – this simple thing made a big difference … and made the member feel valued. Simples. Easy peasy.

The wording on the certificate says: “[insert member name] has provided exceptional service to human resources and people development for over thirty years through membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).”

What a nice touch.

Don’t take your members for granted, whether they are the ones you can rely on to get involved and keep asking to do more and more (because you know they are likely to say yes), or those who sit quietly in the background and elevate your member numbers without using your resources. It is a slippery slope to not value your members.

What will you set in motion today to show your members that you value them and their contribution to the profession/industry you represent?

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