Elected to the CIPR Board for a third term

Dec 15, 2016 | CIPR

This week were the elections to the CIPR Board and I was delighted that the members of CIPR’s Council recognised my contribution over the last two years and chose to elect me to serve a third term.  Jason MacKenzie, the 2017 President has also asked me to continue as Chair of the Professional Development and Membership Committee, for which I am honoured.

Below is my nomination statement which details what I have achieved and what I still want to achieve by being an Executive Director of the leading representative body for PR practitioners in Europe.

I am proud to be a member of the CIPR and honoured to have spent the last two years as a Board member and Chair of PDMC.

I am seeking your vote for re-election as I believe I have contributed to results and made a difference … and I know I will do more in 2017.

For the CIPR to be effective and thrive, it is vital the Institute is relevant to not only members, but to the wider PR community.  As chair of PDMC, I have instigated and am pushing through projects to help CIPR have more meaning to the PR community, which, alongside other projects in the pipeline, will drive up member numbers and retention levels. These include:

  1. Member Value Propositions – to establish what members and the PR community value at each stage of their career and map this against what CIPR provides, identifying any gaps to fill
  2. Member Journey – for CIPR to provide the products / services that members and students need along their career path (this is being led by a PDMC member)
  3. Member Communications – determining the touchpoints CIPR has with members and students and ensuring we are communicating the right messages at the right time in the right way (this is being led by a PDMC member)

My mantra for each meeting I chair is: “What wins can we get for members?” and I apply this philosophy of striving for results to all my CIPR involvement.  You will rightly want to know what I will do for you if elected to the Board for another term. I pledge:

  1. Commitment – I aim to continue my 100% attendance record across all committees
  2. Member focus – I will continue to stand up for what members need and value when decisions are made
  3. Support the President – as one of Jason’s nominees, I am firmly behind him and his ambitions for the CIPR

Two projects in my sights have been on hold, but remaining on the Board will put me in the position to progress them when the CIPR is ready in 2017 – these are a career development framework and recruiter roundtables, both will improve the position of members in the recruitment environment.

I bring to the Board two years of corporate memory along with insight and understanding of membership organisations from in-house and consultancy roles.  It would be a privilege to continue to serve you and the wider membership for another term, so I ask for your support and vote.

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