Make it easy to contact you

Mobile phone

Do you have a business card that gives multiple ways to contact you, or do you leave potential clients/customers needing to turn detective to find out how to get in touch? Does your website have a contact form (such as the blue Contact Us button on the left hand side of each of this site’s […]

Top tip – include a call to action

Success or failure in your marketing

A ‘call-to-action’ is a phrase that, quite simply, prompts the reader to do something.  Rather than just leave the reader hanging, tell them what you want them to do …. show them the way to go.  For example, ‘Register for our newsletter’, ‘Book a space at this event’, ‘Quote code XYZ to receive this offer’, […]

Plan, plan and plan again

You must have a marketing plan

Do you have a marketing plan?  If not, you are missing a trick … are you an Alice or the Cheshire Cat? “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” asked Alice. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to” said the cat. “I don’t much […]

Reach your audiences in many ways

Your marketing tools

By having an integrated approach when reaching (potential) customers you make sure you reach them in as many ways as possible. Don’t just rely on one marketing activity at a time – you need to build a relationship in order for (potential) customers to feel comfortable about who you are and what you do and […]

Include keyphrases in links

SEO building blocks

Create links that the search engines like – when creating links, either to internal pages on your site, or to pages on other sites, make sure you include keywords or phrases in the link text. The text you include in hyperlinks is used by the search engines to determine the value of a web page […]

Write enticing copy

Christmas stocking

When writing any marketing copy make sure you remember that you are trying to entice someone to buy from you.  Get to know your audience and what information they will be interested in. They are unlikely to be interested in finding out about you or your company in the first instance, but they will want […]

Get out from behind your desk

Get out from the comfort of your own desk/office and meet people to spread the word about what you sell / what you do. The old adage of ‘People buy from people’ is most certainly true – go forth and network so prospective customers can put a face to a name.  The worst that can happen […]

How social is your marketing?

Social marketing

Does your marketing need to be social?  If you are not already using social media, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging, then you should definitely tip your toe in the social media puddle and see if you ‘get it’ – not everyone does. Social media is everywhere at the moment and is the latest ‘must do’ […]

Make your target audiences come alive

By making your target audiences come alive – giving them a personality – you can understand what they need in order to convince them to buy from you. Give each audience a name, e.g. Michael, Simon, Katie, Susan.  Put yourself in their shoes and think about where you would go, what would you do, read, […]

Create an image in people’s minds

Bojangle - your marketing sherpas

When asked what you do/what your business is about (the question that makes many businesspeople I have met look like startled bunnies in headlights!) make sure you say more than literally what you do.  Try and build a picture in people’s minds as you will stick there for longer. For example, rather than me saying […]