Include keyphrases in your web copy

This is the most important step when building a website that is search-engine friendly.  Don’t rely on the words/phrases that you think your target audience would search for to find a company like yours, remove the guesswork and find out exactly what is being searched for. Be as specific as possible, if you are a […]

Top tip – include a call to action

A ‘call-to-action’ is a phrase that, quite simply, prompts the reader to do something.  Rather than just leave the reader hanging, tell them what you want them to do …. show them the way to go.  For example, ‘Register for our newsletter’, ‘Book a space at this event’, ‘Quote code XYZ to receive this offer’, […]

Reach your audiences in many ways

Your marketing tools

By having an integrated approach when reaching (potential) customers you make sure you reach them in as many ways as possible. Don’t just rely on one marketing activity at a time – you need to build a relationship in order for (potential) customers to feel comfortable about who you are and what you do and […]