How social is your marketing?

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Social marketingDoes your marketing need to be social?  If you are not already using social media, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging, then you should definitely tip your toe in the social media puddle and see if you ‘get it’ – not everyone does.

Social media is everywhere at the moment and is the latest ‘must do’ when it comes to marketing your business, but don’t rush headlong into setting up accounts/profiles as it may not be right for you.  First of all, have a think about your target audience … are they likely to be using the social media platforms?  If not, then the benefit of social media will be limited to you.  If your audience is likely to be using social networks, then have a think about which one/s will suit their needs best, sign up to these and ‘lurk’ – see what goes on, what type of information is posted, do you ‘like’ being in this space, how could information from you benefit your target audience, etc.

I do not believe that social media marketing is going away.  I predict that it may morph into a variant of what it is now, but marketing in a socially engaging way will not be going anywhere soon.

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