Google+ for business is now ‘live’

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Google+ logoAs if there aren’t enough social media platforms out there for business people to use, along comes another!  Google+ pages are now available so that means Google+ for businesses.  Whooppee?  I’m not sure, my jury is still out as I need to have a play before I decide which side of the fence I am on.

Google+ has been around for a few months (it came out July 2011 time, just as I went on holiday – which wasn’t very helpful) but until now was only available for personal accounts.  I have to admit to being one of those who set up an account and then walked away – partly because I was going on holiday and partly because I thought I’d leave it to others to iron out all the creases.  I didn’t want to use Google+ personally anyway but now that the pages for business option is available, well … I’ve been there like a shot.

Not everyone can ‘get’ a page just yet.  I was sent a link to try but all I got was this …

Google+ pages

But after a little rummaging around the net and Twitter I found another way.  If you go to and click on the blue button you may just be able to secure a page for yourself (it worked for me).

Google+ pages

Hopefully you’ll be successful and you’ll see this next screen … just follow the prompts and then you’ll be up and running with a Google page all of your own.

Google+ pages

If you don’t know much about Google+, take a look at this guide on the Mashable site

Let me know how you get on.  If you are successful then post a link to your page below.

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