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Do you have a business card that gives multiple ways to contact you, or do you leave potential clients/customers needing to turn detective to find out how to get in touch?

Does your website have a contact form (such as the blue Contact Us button on the left hand side of each of this site’s pages) or e-mail link, plus your telephone and/or mobile numbers?

There are so many ways that each of us can be contacted these days that our printed business cards  run the risk of looking like the old-fashioned Rolodex machines!  Have you thought about having an electronic business card?

I find the Bojangle Communications .tel page – – really useful.  I only need to include basic contact details on my printed business cards and then direct people to for the rest, such as my Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and availability for meetings via my online diary.  This information can be updated in seconds so my contact information is constantly up-to-date .  Go to to find out how to get a .tel page for yourself.

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