Get marketing fit – part 1

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Get marketing fit with Bojangle Communications

Get marketing fit

Getting fit and losing weight are amongst the top resolutions made every year. Some people choose to go it alone and set their own targets, and work out their own fitness regime and diet plan.  Others decide their chance of success is greater if they bring in the experts so invest in a gym membership or perhaps a personal trainer, and join a weight loss group.

Are you giving your business the same consideration and effort?

How are you going to get your business marketing fit?

Will you work out yourself what you will do, or will you invest in an expert to set you on the right path … and keep you there?

Whether you are considering getting fit, losing weight or marketing your business, you have to commit time or money to get results – perhaps both.  The option you choose is likely to depend on which you have more of – time or money.Get fit with Bojangle Communications

Look out for parts 2 and 3 of our ‘Get marketing fit in 2012′ mini-blog series to find out what to do if you have more time than money, or the reverse.

Question: What will you choose?  The go-it-alone or ask-an-expert option?  I’d be interested to find out why you made your decision so leave a comment below to let me and other readers know.

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