Day 7 of Excellence Awards judging 2012

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CIPR Excellence AwardsToday was yet another great day of judging.  I would love to tell you funny skits of mishaps but because the award scheme is so well organised (thanks to the efforts of the lovely Catherine Morgan and the rest of the Events team) there isn’t anything like that to report :0(.

However, two things happened today that I really wanted to share as they show perfectly how high a regard these awards have in the PR industry.  This morning was the Broadcast category and as usual all was going ticketyboo and then one of the interviewees sat down and apologised if she fidgeted in her chair as she was signed off work with a broken bone in her back but was determined that she was not going to miss the interview!  I hope you get better soon … you know who you are.  Another interviewee caught my attention when he said he had caught the 5:40 train that morning to be with us on time and would not get back until 6pm tonight … a 12 hour round trip just to talk to the judges about his campaign.  The judges just loved this committment.

This afternoon was Public Sector with campaigns covering blood donation, World Cancer Day, rent arrears due to a local council, libraries, using the right bin for collection and a national archive for Wales.  All such very different campaigns that caused some deliberation amongst the judges, but not too much as the judges maintained their 100% success rate of deciding on a winner there and then.

If you are following the countdown, at the end of today we had judged 13 categories so that’s just another 14 to go!  So 13 winners down and another 14 waiting to be found in the wings.

Read the next instalment of this diary of an Excellence Judge tomorrow.

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