Stuck what to say on Twitter?

Twitter bird

Twitter is a great tool to engage with current clients/customers, prospects, advocates, influencers, or anyone really, but you need to have something to say to them. Are you stuck for words? I see so many articles or advice on the internet that says all businesses must have a presence on social media platforms, especially Twitter, […]

How to write a simple social media strategy in 8 steps

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Hands up if you have a social media strategy in place. My guess is that there are relatively few readers of this blog post waving their hands in the air shouting: “I do. I do. Me. Over here!” However, there will be a lot of people out there hiding behind something, anything, as they know […]

What’s going on at Facebook with Newsfeed visibility?

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Who sees my posts on Facebook? I had an email today from the owner of a company following the social media training I did with her franchisees back in the summer and I wanted to share my response on here as it relates to a question I am often asked: “Who can see my posts […]

How to pin Facebook photos to a Pinterest board

Pinterest logo

Do you use Pinterest as one of your social media tools?  Do you know what Pinterest is/does?  I’ve been playing around with Pinterest for a while now finding out its good and bad points and as like other social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, etc) it is not right for everyone.  If you have a visual […]

Twitter announces new profile design – header image

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Well, the one certainty in social media is change and this week’s change – or should I say yesterday’s change – is that Twitter now allows you to add a header image to your profile page. This brings how visitors see your Twitter profile page in line with Facebook – which made this change a […]

Facebook timeline – coming ready or not!

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Whether you know about it, want it, like it or are ready for it, the new Facebook Timeline layout is heading your way and on Friday 30th March it will be on your Facebook page. I actually like the new design – unlike the many moaners I have come across on the net.  I like […]

Have you seen the Twitter light?

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There is no denying the fact that the internet is an invaluable marketing tool, and it never fails to amuse/amaze me (take your pick!) when I meet business owners who still don’t have a web presence for their company – yep, they do exist! Just having a website is not always enough, there is so much more out there online – how many business owners are fully embracing the opportunities that the web has to offer?

According to some web analysis data from WebTrends, direct e-mail marketing, web analytics, search engine optimisation and online advertising are the web tools that stand out as being widely used by UK businesses, with one third of companies using them often or always. Just 2% (so just 1 in 50) businesses in the UK use Twitter for marketing.

What is social media?

I love the videos produced by CommonCraft – they take potentially complicated subjects and make them incredibly easy to understand.  This video is perfect … … what do you think?  Leave your thoughts below.

How social is your marketing? Video clip of Lindsey Collumbell’s talk

My most popular workshops at the moment are, without a doubt, those on social marketing.  In the half day workshop, for example, attendees are given a whistle-stop tour of the main social media platforms that could benefit their business and by the end of the session they are set up with profiles/accounts on these platforms, […]

Why social media?

Some of the most common questions I get asked are: Why should I use social media for my business?  Will it bring me sales?  Will it be a waste of my time? Frankly … Why should I bother? I can understand why business people ask questions like these, and to be honest, I am glad […]