Woo hoo – I’ve been elected to the CIPR Council

Election Results

I am absolutely over the moon. Cock-a-hoop. Turning cartwheels, etc etc etc. The results are in and I have just found out that I have been elected to the Council of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) – . An unprecedented 38 members stood for election, and I was one of 20 on the […]

The gender gap in public relations

Flexible working

The Chartered Institute of PR’s 2013/14 State of the Profession survey revealed startling facts about the gender gap in PR.  The headline statistic was the £12k pay differential of men over women.  This is shocking enough on its own, but downright criminal when put against the backdrop that the PR profession is over 60% female. […]

Lindsey Collumbell MCIM (as well as MCIPR)

Today has been a great day – I heard that I am now a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).  I have been in public relations / marketing roles throughout my 25 year career and a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) since 2005, but I had never got round […]

CIPR Council elections – professional development and standards

CIPR Code of Conduct

When a business owner or board director engages the services of a PR practitioner, they should be confident that the advice they are given is up-to-date and reflects best practice.  The big question is … How can they be confident? In that ideal world we all want to inhabit, having the post-nominal letters MCIPR/FCIPR after […]

I am standing for CIPR Council … why?

Lindsey Collumbell

I have been in public relations since 1990, worked with membership organisations since 1995 and have been a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) since 2005.  This year I believe the time is right for me to combine these elements of my career so I am standing for election to the CIPR […]

Does PR still need to single out ‘social media’ roles at a senior level?

The many disciplines of PR/Marketing

So, the March issue of PR Week has landed.  It dropped through my letterbox just as I fancied another cup of tea.  How fortuitous! I got as far as the ‘People Moves’ pages and nearly spat my tea out – I was so surprised, nay astonished, that someone was leaving a Head of Social role […]

Top tip – a text may be all you need

Mobile phone

Isn’t it frustrating when customers don’t turn up for appointments? My hairdresser got so fed up with this happening – which is lost income as they are extremely unlikely to have another client on stand-by for that very time slot – that they now send a text reminder the day before an appointment. I have […]

Do the words you use entice someone to buy?

When writing any marketing copy make sure you remember that you are trying to entice someone to buy from you.  Get to know your audience and what information they will be interested in. They are unlikely to be interested in finding out about you or your company in the first instance, but they will want […]

Include keyphrases in your web copy

SEO building blocks

This is the most important step when building a website that is search-engine friendly.  Don’t rely on the words/phrases that you think your target audience would search for to find a company like yours, remove the guesswork and find out exactly what is being searched for. Be as specific as possible, if you are a […]

Today’s Tip – Read 3 news sources a day

Newspaper Rack

By reading at least 3 news sources you will not only be well-informed about what is going on in the world around you, but you will get to know the different styles and track who writes on which topic at each organisation, e.g. BBC website, The Times, Good Housekeeping on day 1.  Guardian, local community […]