Today’s media pitch has left me frustrated & flabbergasted

Stressed. Frustrated. Flabbergasted

I sent a pitch for an article to a publication which was a good fit with what their readership wants to know – they have covered my client a few times previously so I know there is an editorial fit.  The reply I got (from a business development manager, even though my initial contact was with the […]

Public Relations vs Media Relations

You're in the news

I have read a few articles of late that have made my heart sink as they compounded the misconception that public relations and media relations are synonymous.  These articles were written from both sides of the fence – disillusioned companies and PR agencies – and they got me thinking about who is at fault in […]

Is PR part of your boardroom?

Is PR part of your boardroom?

Q: Is your most senior PR person on your board? This is a simple question, but is it one you can answer in the affirmative? At it’s most basic level, PR is reputation management.  This management discipline is what protects and enhances the reputation of your organisation.  PR is your guardian angel. Key goals of […]

Tips to succeed with The Guardian Small Business Network Showcase

Guardian small business showcase screenshot

Have you heard of the Guardian Small Business Network Showcase? Well, it does exactly what it says on the tin, so-to-speak – small businesses, are showcased, in The Guardian newspaper.  The Guardian explains: “The Small Business Showcase is your chance to show fellow business owners and our panel of judges what your company has done particularly […]

Diversity and inclusive communication – why would you not do this?

Discovering diverse audiences

I am a firm believer that you are never too long in the tooth to learn something new, and yesterday was my time to learn about diversity and inclusive communication. I am committed to continuing my professional development, and was aware my knowledge of diversity and inclusive communication was non-existent.  Sure, I understand the need […]