Freelance PR, Interim or Independent PR Practitioner – what’s in a name?

Freelance PR or employee

If you are seeking additional public relations support, will you engage the services of a freelance PR, interim or independent PR practitioner?  Is there a difference in the value they add, or do they just have different titles? In the eleven years that I have been self-employed, I have realised that to the people who outsource […]

The changing nature of public relations

the convergence of Public Relations and marketing

Today, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) published its State of the Profession 2015 survey, in which over 2,000 PR practitioners participated.  Some of the findings make sobering reading (a clear gap in gender pay, a lack of digital/social skills and low levels of diversity), but there are also elements to be positive about – I tend to […]

Membership marketing – how the ‘Power of 7′ helps with member recruitment

The Power of 7 in membership marketing

Attracting, and then recruiting, new members is not a quick process, as anyone involved in membership marketing will attest to.  This is where the ‘Power of 7′ comes into its own. The ‘Power of 7′ in membership marketing When recruiting members, your first step is to attract them – to make them aware of who you […]

Public relations and marketing – is there a difference?

PR = Public Relations

I have heard a few things recently which have made me think about the difference between public relations and marketing, and even if there is any difference. What do you think?  Are they one and the same?  Chalk and Cheese?  Left foot and right foot?  Two sides of the same coin? Are public relations and […]

10 top tips to audit public relations for membership organisations

Why should I be a member letters

Public Relations audit Every so often it is useful to take your public relations back to basics.  Whether your membership organisation is small and focussed on a niche, or large and represents a major profession / industry, it is easy to find yourself going down a path that may not actually be the path you need to […]