Public Relations for membership organisations

Strategic consultancy and PR solutions for membership organisations.

Are you looking to:

Bojangle Communications

- manage your organisation's reputation?
- increase membership?
- raise awareness of the industry you represent?
- promote the capabilities and expertise of your members?
- raise awareness of your services to engage and / or attract more members?
- run an award scheme to promote best practice in your industry?
etc. etc. etc.

My name is Lindsey Collumbell and I am an award-winning PR consultant. I work with membership organisations, like yours, to define, develop and deliver public relations programmes that achieve strategic business objectives.

The most frequent ways that clients work with me are:

1as a 'fixer' to parachute in, audit your pr / marketing activity and either formulate a strategy or make recommendations to move forward, to get your organisation in the best position to get results. I will be your part-time PR Director.
2as a 'doer' to get my hands dirty by implementing your pr / marketing strategy and/or manage your in-house team
3as a 'mentor/trainer' to 'helicopter' in to get your staff to the level they need to be to get the results you need.

Click here to find out how you can work with me, a board-level PR consultant and practitioner.

Are you committed to growth?

If you are committed to growth and looking for a PR consultant or part-time public relations director, then get in touch with me to talk about what you need and what I will do for you.

I have worked with senior executive teams for 25 years helping define what the organisation needs to achieve, developing public relations programmes to meet and often exceed business objectives, and delivering strategies that get results.

This website is focused on my work with member organisations, and is inter-laced with examples of work for other types of businesses too, specifically SMEs.

Click here to find out how you can work with me, a board-level PR professional, for a fraction of the cost of employing someone of my calibre full-time.

Business awards consultancy

Better Business Awards Business awards programmes are an effective way to promote and reward members. Do you run an award programme? Many membership organisations do.

Ask yourself these questions:

- has your award scheme lost focus?
- do you want your award to be the one that companies crave to win?
- does your award scheme recognise best practice in your sector/industry?
- do you want to set up an award scheme but don't know where to start?
- would your award scheme benefit from a new PR/marketing strategy?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, then click here to find out more about my work in this area and how you can work with me, an experienced award consultant and make your awards programme the must-enter for your industry.

NB: The Better Business Awards website is currently being updated.

“Lindsey is a professional and determined communicator. She is able to juggle many projects at the same time and never forgets the small details.” – Gayle Brandon-Kirby, CIPR

“Lindsey gives practical advice, has a host of background sources and 'gets' the distinction between communicating with customers, journalists and stakeholders.” – John Sage, Southern Water

“Lindsey makes you feel understood. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, & extremely experienced. She thinks out of the box with attention to detail.” – Sue Atkins, Director, Positive Parents

“We needed to look professional and engage with members in more ways than we had previously. Lindsey certainly managed to achieve this for us.” – Sarah Martin, Ladies at Eleven

“Lindsey was a particularly good fit for us as she has a lot of experience working for/with membership organisations such as ours. We have quite different needs and requirements from commercial entities and she understood this. We cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Julia Green, Executive Officer, European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA)